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Details Trust-Me-I-m-A-Writer-Wein-Flasche-Stopper

Auffallend massivem Metall Flaschenverschluss. Schwarze Gummi zum Abdichten von in Flaschenhals. 10,5 cm lang (ca.). 'Dieses Motiv bieten wir Ihnen auf viele weitere Produkte von uns - 1stopshops. Alle unsere Artikel sind per 1. Klasse UK Post. Nur ...

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Details FunTasstic-Tasse-Trust-me-I-m-a-writer-Kaffee-Pott-T168

Brillante Druckqualität schöne Geschenkidee in Deutschland bedruckt langlebige Druckqualität Spülmaschinenfest Maße der Tasse: Größe ø 82 mm, Höhe 95 mm, Fassungsvermögen ca. 0,3 l

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Details Trust-Me-I-m-A-Writer-2835Tasse-Schlsselanhnger-aus-Leder

Standard 284 ml. Chunky Rundschreiben Schlüsselring 35 mm breit und 35 mm lang (70 mm inkl. Ring), alle Maßangaben sind ungefähre Angaben. Design ist fertig mit kristallklarem harz zum Schutz des Bildes. Alle Artikel sind nagelneu und per 1. Klasse ...

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Details Trust-Me-Im-A-Writer-10oz-Mug-Bottle-Opener-Keyring-by-1StopShops

Standard 284 ml. Schlüsselanhänger Flaschenöffner, 40 mm breit, 60 mm lang (90 mm inkl. Ring) - alle Maßangaben sind ungefähre Angaben. Design ist fertig mit kristallklarem harz zum Schutz des Bildes. Alle Artikel sind nagelneu und per 1. Klasse Post ...

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Details Trust-Me-I-m-A-Writer-284ml-Tasse-und-Chunky-Schlsselanhnger

Standard 284 ml. Chunky Rundschreiben Schlüsselring 35 mm breit und 35 mm lang (70 mm inkl. Ring), alle Maßangaben sind ungefähre Angaben. Design ist fertig mit kristallklarem harz zum Schutz des Bildes. Alle Artikel sind nagelneu und per 1. Klasse ...

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Details Trust-Me-I-m-A-Writer-284ml-Becher-Pin-Badge-Chunky-Schlsselanhnger

Standard 284 ml. Chunky Rundschreiben Schlüsselring 35 mm breit und 35 mm lang (70 mm inkl. Ring), alle Maßangaben sind ungefähre Angaben. Metall Button Badge Pin Pins Anstecker 27 mm Durchmesser (10 mm tief inkl. Pin) - alle Maßangaben sind ungefähre ...

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Details Show-Me-the-Buffet

No Show Me the Buffet Read a customer review or write one .

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Details A-Girl-Like-Me

No A Girl Like Me Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Show-Me-Forever

No Show ME Forever Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Thank-Me-Later

.Label: Motown.Published: 2010/'Track #7 contains elements and samples of 'I Don't Want To Play Around' writ

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Details Evenings-in-the-Library-Bits-of-Gossip-About-Books-and-Those-Who-Write-Them-Write-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Evenings in the Library, Bits of Gossip About Books, and Those Who Write Them WriteOften critical, the sketches are for the most part personal. In my choice of subjects, I have selected such of the great names in literature as please me ...

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Details Let-Me-Finish

Widely known as an original and graceful writer, Roger Angell has developed a devoted following through his essays in the New Yorker. Now, in Let Me Finish, a deeply personal, fresh form of autobiography, he takes an unsentimental look at his early ...

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Details Will-You-Read-to-Me

Will You Read to Me? When you are little and you've learned to read, and you've learned to write a poem all by yourself, you'd like someone big to put his arm around you and say, "Wow! Wonderful! You "are" terrific!" Hamlet's pig family is more ...

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Details He-Loves-Me-Learning-to-Live-in-the-Fathers-Affection

So many Christians believe God's love is fickle: when they sin, He turns away in disgust and anger. They vacillate between "He loves me" and "He loves me not" because of their behavior. That reasoning, writes Wayne Jacobsen, is as flawed as pulling ...

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Details You-Never-Gave-Me-a-Name-One-Mennonite-Womans-Story

You Never Gave Me a Name This memoir records Wiebe's search for identity as a woman left widowed with young children, who becomes a writer and an early Mennonite and biblical feminist. Full description

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Details Six-Word-Memoirs-on-Love-and-Heartbreak-by-Writers-Famous-and-Obscure

Six-word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak From 'She kissed me and said yes' to 'Love annihilated thirty year age difference,' this title contains the slivers of joy and connection - six words at a time. Full description

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Details A-Maze-Me-Poems-for-Girls

A collection of seventy-two poems written especially for girls ages twelve and up by the much-honored and beloved poet Naomi Shihab Nye. A lovely, rich collection that promises to be a lasting companion for young writers. -School Library Journal ...

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Details Charles-Bukowski-Epic-Glottis-His-Art-His-Women-me

Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis A respectful, affectionate literary profile of novelist and poet Charles Bukowski (1920-1994). Awarding-winning writer Joan Jobe Smith -- a Pushcart Honoree -- shares up-close, personal recollections of her mentor and ...

13,33 EUR*
Details Unpolished-Gem-My-Mother-My-Grandmother-and-Me

Unpolished Gem In this lyrical, bittersweet debut memoir, Pung writes a moving account about identity and the ultimate search for acceptance as she chronicles her life after her family moves from the killing fields of Cambodia to Australia. Full ...

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Details Benjamin-Harris-Brewster-With-Discourses-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Benjamin Harris Brewster: With DiscoursesAnd what is writ is writ Would that it were worthier -byron.I owe to my brother, Frank R. Savidge, Of the Philadelphia Bar, the privilege of writing this me moir. I am indebted to him, also, for ...

20,93 EUR*
Details My-Big-Picture-Book-of-Phonics-Teach-Children-to-Learn-and-Write-the-Alphabet-Faster-than-Ever

My BIG Picture Book of Phonics I was inspired to create this alphabetic phonics activity book for preschoolers from my experiences as a preschool teacher. My love for the students and the birth of my own son, Robert, has inspired me to promote these ...

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Details You-I-Everybody-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from You, I, EverybodyDue to my material instruction on science of numbers, combinedwith my spiritual instruction, I write you the story of the higher and lower self as the invisible forces taught it to me for the pur pose oi guiding me ...

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Details Modern-utopia-and-dystopia-in-the-novel-Never-Let-Me-Go-by-Kazuo-Ishiguro

Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: sehr gut, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegytem, language: English, abstract: In this paper - as the title says - I would like to write about utopian ...

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Details Sam-I-Am-I-Am-Sam

My time in life has always left me wanting to write, to pass on some of the stories I have had flying about my head. My time in Iraq allowed me the time to push forward with one of those. I thought the most about my family, and this book came about in ...

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Details Rebel-of-the-Sands-Rebel-of-the-Sands-Trilogy

Broschiertes Buch"Tell me that and we'll go. Right now. Save ourselves and leave this place to burn. Tell me that's how you want your story to go and we'll write it straight across the sand." Dustwalk is Amani's home. The desert sand is in her bones ...

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Details March-of-the-Gremlins-Vinyl-LP

2 x Vinyl LP, Album Germany 2014A1Asia MinorA2Big BrotherA3March Of The GremlinsA4Teach Dem Fi Read, Write & SpellB1Conquer Me B2Conquer Dem B3MC MagicB4Gizmo RiddimC1MayhemC2Run Down The Dairy C3Government Are Suck The SuffererD1Mogwai RiddimD2Money ...

13,30 EUR*
Details An-Authors-Mind-A-Bookful-of-Books-or-Thirty-Books-in-One-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from An Author's Mind: "A Bookful of Books," or "Thirty Books in One"The writer of this strange book (a particular friend of mine) came to me a few mornings ago with a very happy face, and a very blotty manuscript. Congratulate me, he began ...

11,60 EUR*
Details Buckra-Land-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Buckra LandOR years it has been my ambition to write a book of travel. From childhood, foreign countries have had a great fascination for me.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books ...

25,31 EUR*
Details Blueprints-for-Building-Better-Girls-Fiction

Elissa Schappell's Use Me introduced us to a writer of extraordinary talent, whose "sharp, beautiful, and off-kilter debut" (Jennifer Egan) garnered critical acclaim and captivated readers. In Blueprints for Building Better Girls, her highly ...

17,20 EUR*
Details The-Conveyancers-Manual-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from The Conveyancer's ManualI am aware, that writers on conveyancing have in general been rather sparing in such details,-probably because they did not deem them sufficiently important. I however think differently it appears to me, that to ...

11,60 EUR*
Details Memories-and-Traditions-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Memories and TraditionsRose hill, November, 1906. My dear Helen, - As you urge me to write a brief history of the Starkweather family, especially concerning persons and events in connection with my own memory, I gladly comply. Aunt Jane ...